I always joke that I'm allergic to color. From white couches (yes- with two toddlers and pup!) to wooden toys, and "saturation" on minus five thousand on my Instagram feed- a clean muted palate just makes my eyes happy.

Somehow when Lily was born something in me burst and I went pink crazy. Yup bright unicorn snot pink. Maybe it's all the gifts we received, or just two years of Adam's grey and black baby wardrobe, that pushed me over the edge, but now with a year of baby girl styling under my sleeve I am ready for a new era in Lily's closet, and there are SO many designers making cute high quality baby clothes.

Mebie Baby:

I love Mebie Baby Swaddles and was so excited when they debuted their clothing lines. These colors are everything, and the ribbed style makes for great PJs and also playtime outfit. Mebie Baby products are made to last so I love that their honey color is gender neutral and will be a special hand me down to future brothers and sisters.

L'oved baby:

These are the softest


These socks are perfect- the colors are so versatile, they wash well, and are relatively hard for Lily to tear off.

Knee high socks are great- they can turn any plain onesie into an insta-worthy outfit, leaving easy access for diaper changes and keeping those little legs warm.

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